The Banksia House Breakout – James Roxburgh

I really enjoyed this fun-filled adventure along the east coast of Australia.  Imagine your grandparents going rogue and disappearing on a road-trip complete with the false teeth and walking sticks 😊

Ruth has lived her entire adult life in her home she shared with her now late husband.  It’s the home she raised her children in, it’s the home that is filled with all her memories.  So when her workaholic son moves her into a retirement village it’s not an easy thing for Ruth to come to terms with.

It’s especially hard when her new home at Banksia House consists of a bed, a chair and a small bedside table, nothing homely, just a cold and clinical hospital-style room.  Add to the fact that the first friend she met dies on the first night she arrives and certain staff members seem anything but pleasant, it’s certainly a bleak picture that is painted.

So when Ruth learns that her life-long friend Gladys is terminally ill she knows she needs to go and visit her one last time.  But what do you do when your son won’t take the time off work to take you and it seems like you can’t leave Banksia House?  Simple, you enlist a couple of willing “inmates” and you escape.

What follows is beautifully warm and funny read as the “wanted” seniors make their way up the coast, somehow managing to get themselves in all manner of situations along the way.

As a mum of 3 boys who have all said “bags not” when asked who is going to take care of me in my old age (yes, aren’t kids charming – lol) it was also a frightening reminder of how lonely old age can become for many.

A huge thank you to the author for sending me a copy of his book to read, well worth picking up if you are after a sweet heart-warming read.

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