Last Shot- Jock Zonfrillo

OMG this book.  Honestly, I don’t know what else to say.  This will absolutely be one of my favourite reads for the year.  I read the whole thing cover to cover in just over a day, I couldn’t put it down.

It was engaging, it was funny, it was heartbreaking, it was raw, it was emotional, it was real. 

I’m a huge fan of Masterchef, always have been, right from when the original UK version started all those years ago, and I’ve also been a massive fan of the Aussie version so I was seriously keen to read Last Shot.

Whether you are fan of cooking and food or not, this book will resonate with anyone that loves a good autobiography.  Jock shares his story from his troubled childhood growing up in Scotland right through to how he and his family have been affected by the current COVID pandemic and the closure of his beloved restaurant in Adelaide as a result.

It’s also a frightening look into the world of elite Michelin star restaurants and the cutthroat industry that seems to break so many.

Jock is open and honest about his serious heroin addiction from his teens through his adult life until becoming clean approx. 20 years ago.

As an Aussie I was fascinated to read about his passion for our indigenous culture and the amazingly tireless work he has done to bring that culture to the mainstream and into our kitchens.  It’s was also so frustrating and maddening to see how the Australian media has done its best to tear all that good work down with the click of a button and their fake news stories simply for shock value.

But like so much of his life Jock’s resilience shines through and his unwavering passion for what he believes in is forefront in everything he does.

A passionate family man that is clearly devoted to his kids and his family I honestly can’t recommend this inspiring 5 star read enough.

And I promise…..from now on…..I won’t put any f*@^ing cream in my carbonara!!

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