The Christmas Killer – Alex Pine

We usually think of warm toasty reads when we think Christmas.  Love stories and happy endings.  Well not this Christmas read…..12 days of Christmas and 12 dead bodies, bring it on.

Firstly I have to admit I’m a total sucker for British crime dramas.  My Foxtel IQ is full of police and detective series and that is why I loved this one.  This felt exactly like I was watching one of my favourites, complete with that memorable line that every crime show seems to have….. “Where to now guv?”

It’s the lead up to Christmas and a killer is on the loose in the small village of Kirkby Abbey.  Not only is he is on the loose, but he’s taunting the police, and a few of the locals, by sending them creepy Christmas cards, and trust me, these aren’t Christmas cards you want to receive.

Twelve Days of Christmas and twelve murders, our killer has a hit list and it would seem, a score to settle.  Who would have a vendetta against any of the residents of this sleepy little hamlet?  Certainly not the warm welcome our new resident detective was expecting having left London to escape the evils of his past case and live a somewhat quieter life.

Very much procedural driven we follow Detective James Walker step by step through his investigation while he follows up leads and conducts his interviews.  Even with the heavy detail, the story still skips along pretty rapidly.

Although for some reason I found the Detective’s wife Annie beyond irritating (is it wrong I was hoping she was on the killer’s hit-list?) I still found this a quick and enjoyable read, almost like reading an episode of Midsomer Murders.

Thanks to Netgalley and Avon Books UK for the opportunity to read this one, and the excuse to grab a few of my Christmas decorations out of storage.


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