The Girl From Widow Hills – Megan Miranda

Oh I so wanted to love this book, I tried and tried but in the end it just wasn’t for me.  The synopsis sounded so good, perfect for thriller season but something was missing.

Even a dead body in the front yard didn’t peak my interest.

It was really well written, and I think that’s what kept me going to at least finish the book.  I wanted to see where the storyline went but for me the main issue was that nothing really happened, it didn’t really go anywhere.  An accident that occurred 20 years ago, that yes, while traumatic for our leading character Arden or Olivia, didn’t really seem to have any connection or link to her life now.  It just didn’t make sense to me.

The focus of Olivia’s current life and the supposed spooky stuff that was happening to her seemed to get lost amongst the strangeness of her past, which she didn’t really remember anyway so again, made it all fall a little flat.

Random characters that came and went also had me scratching my head a little.

I knew when I reached the last few chapters and honestly didn’t care “whodunit” in the end that this wasn’t going to be one that stuck around in my memory.  And the ending, argh, the less said the better.

Again, well written, and great sounding synopsis, but it just didn’t make sense to me. 

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